sid-roth–-WATCH HERE –- David Tomberlin has the supernatural ability to get specific knowledge from God about other people and their circumstances. This unusual gifting is called the Word of Knowledge. David discusses how it works, and how anyone can do it – including you.

–-WATCH HERE –– Franklin Walden, known as one of “God’s Generals,” grew up in the supernatural anointing. As a child he witnessed his own mother and brother being raised from the dead. Listen to miracle after miracle as Franklin teaches on how to move in this same power and anointing.

–-WATCH HERE –- Steven Brooks shares about the release of spiritual mantles. These mantles represent the presence and power of God on your life to fulfill your destiny.

–-WATCH HERE–- Maurice Sklar is a world-class concert violinist who has traveled the world ministering through music. As Maurice plays, the presence of God comes and many experience both emotional and physical healing. Tune in this week to hear Maurice perform music from his brand new CD „One New Man Celebration,” which was created exclusively for „It’s Supernatural!”

– WATCH HERE – At age seven Ben Godwin was struck by a car, dislodging three inches of bone from his left leg. According to medical opinion, Ben would need bone graft surgery and was predicted to have a permanently crippled leg. But God intervened and the bone was restored by a creative miracle. Learn how you can receive a creative miracle too!

–- WATCH HERE– Joshua Mills supernaturally learned how to sing and play piano. His music will transport you to heavenly realms.

– WATCH HERE – After having three supernatural encounters with a massive angel, Keith Miller has been on an intense journey to learn about the Seven Spirits of God, which are the seven manifestations of the Holy Spirit.

– WATCH HERE – Brian Lake shares how intimacy with God can lead to breakthroughs and supernatural favor over your life.

–WATCH HERE – Healing of emotional scars from childhood and learning to have healthy relationships with others.

– WATCH HERE – Michele Perry leads an outreach in southern Sudan that is connected with Rolland and Heidi Baker’s ministry.

–WATCH HERE – Kathi Oates has a powerful inner healing and prophetic ministry. Her anointing to heal the brokenhearted has literally touched thousands experiencing emotional pain.

– WATCH HERE – Gary Oates’ life was dramatically changed when he was caught up into the realm of the spirit and began seeing the ministry of angels.

–WATCH HERE– Bobby Conner ministers in a high-level, prophetic anointing with documented signs, wonders, and miracles following.

– WATCH HERE – Messianic Rabbi Jonathan Bernis reveals new insight on the Bible’s mysterious prophecies of the End Times.

– WATCH HERE – Do you struggle to hear God’s voice clearly? Then don’t miss this special interview! Dr. Mark Virkler has taught thousands to hear the voice of God. You can too!

–WATCH HERE– Bruce Van Natta was working underneath a massive logging truck when the truck fell off the jack and nearly cut his body in half as it crushed him against the concrete floor. Two angels appeared out of nowhere to miraculously save his life.

– WATCH HERE –– This week Sid hosts a healing explosion with guests Jonathan Bernis and David Herzog. Tune in to see what miracles and healings take place when the atmosphere of Heaven invades the television studio. And as you watch, be prepared to receive your miracle too!

– WATCH HERE– David Herzog has found that there are portals in the earth today where we can tap into the heavenly realm



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