13111–WATCH HERE– Paul Keith Davis‘ spiritual eyes were opened to see a new host of angels sent by God. These are the angels that gather, and they have been sent to co-labor with us to bring in the End-time harvest.

–WATCH HERE– Brian Lake shares how intimacy with God can lead to breakthroughs and supernatural favor over your life.

–WATCH HERE– What if everything you’ve been told about dieting is wrong? Dr. Eric Braverman, professor of integrative medicine at Weill Cornell Medical College and director of PATH Medical Center, has found that the stomach does not control your weight, but that weight loss actually occurs in the brain.

–WATCH HERE– Paul Wilbur and Don Heist. Sid interveiws his long-time friend Paul Wilbur, who is considered to be one of the foremost Messianic Jewish Psalmists in the world. Paul discusses his latest work, „A Night of Extravagant Worship.”

–WATCH HERE– Proof that supernatural healing and miracles are real and for today!! This week Sid interviews Melanie Hemry who has experienced the healing power of God. She shares some of the most amazing researched and medically documented healing testimonies

–WATCH HERE– In 2008, God gave proven prophetic pastor John Kilpatrick a supernatural dream of a powerful earthquake hitting the middle of the United States. Then God told him, „A storm is coming!” A financial and natural catastrophe!

–WATCH HERE– Mark Biltz shares his most recent research and theories on the ancient biblical feasts and how they are actually prophetic in nature, not only predicting the first coming of Messiah and His death, but also giving us insight into the near future and the Messiah’s second coming. Mark also reveals how lunar eclipses on biblical feasts point to the Messiah’s return, and why the year 2014 is prophetically significant.

–WATCH HERE– Karen Mayer Cunningham. Karen’s life was wonderful; she had a blissful marriage and perfect baby boy named James. But at eighteen months, something happened. James began to exhibit bizarre behaviors including violent tantrums, head banging, and eating rubber. Tune in to hear the dramatic story of James’ illness and his supernatural healing. God still performs miracles, and He is willing to perform a miracle for you too!



5 responses

  1. Am dat sa il ascult acum pe Paul Wilbur – the foremost Messianic Jewish Psalmists in the world. ! Canta super.

    iunie 24, 2009 la 6:45 pm

  2. Alexandru,
    Da, canta super Paul Wilbur, si mie imi place tare mult.

    iunie 24, 2009 la 7:53 pm

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