– WATCH HERE – Plagued with pseudo arthrosis for nineteen and one-half years, Delores Winder was preparing for her funeral. Then she attended a Kathryn Kuhlman meeting and received ONE OF THE GREATEST HEALING MIRACLES OF THE  TWENTIETH CENTURY.

– WATCH HERE – After 20 years of ministry, Mark Virkler finally experienced complete emotional and spiritual transformation. Mark discovered seven supernatural prayers that remove the legal right of the demonic and usher in healing for the spirit, soul, and body.

– WATCH HERE – What if everything you’ve been told about the end times and the Antichrist is wrong? Joel Richardson shares profound revelation regarding the end times by revealing the Islamic End Time Theory, proving how the Antichrist and his empire will emerge from the Middle East, not from Europe.

– WATCH HERE – Tune in to this fascinating interview with Jewish people who thought for themselves and accepted Yeshua (Jesus) as their Messiah including Dr. Michael Brown, Sharon Allen, and David Yaniv.

– WATCH HERE – Patricia King had a 30 day visitation from the Holy Spirit, where she received revelation on the Glory. Now when she teaches others about this revelation, many experience healings, miracles, heavenly visitations, and more!

– WATCH HERE – David Herzog has spent much of his life discovering the secrets to living in the Glory, where nothing is impossible. Hear how you can also live in the Glory every day and begin experiencing the same supernatural results for yourself.

– WATCH HERE – Learn the keys to having a healthy, happy marriage! Craig Hill, founder of Family Foundations International, teaches on marriage from the Biblical perspective of covenant, and provides practical insight on how to deal with the most threatening issues that plague most marriages.

– WATCH HERE – Why are you (or your loved ones) still sick and suffering when God says He wants you to be in Good Health? Joan Hunter reveals powerful truths about healing and teaches how you can walk in divine health and healing now.

– WATCH HERE – Get an inside look into the realm of the angelic. You’ll be amazed as Ron Phillips discusses how angels operate behind the scenes, and how you can engage their help in your own life.

– WATCH HERE – Alyosha Ryabinov is a world-class concert pianist whom God has miraculously anointed to minister complete healing through his music. As he worships, people feel the tangible presence and love of the Father. The last time we interviewed Alyosha and his wife Jody, people were healed of blind eyes, arthritis, thyroid disease, depression, fear, and more!

– WATCH HERE – On this special edition of „It’s Supernatural!”, Warren Marcus brings to life the history of the Jewish festival of Hanukkah. Also, Robert and Linda Heidler share about the supernatural blessings we receive when we celebrate the biblical feasts. Celebrate Hanukkah, the Festival of Lights, with us as we celebrate Yeshua (Jesus), the Light of the World.


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