– WATCH HERE – Katie Souza went from working in the entertainment industry to being a career criminal. But after being caught and sentenced to 13 years in prison, Katie’s life was radically transformed. Tune in as Katie reveals how to bring Heaven to Earth so you can experience the miraculous in your life.

– WATCH HERE – Ken and Jeanne Harrington have discovered keys to living a supernatural life. Now it is not uncommon for them to witness healings and miracles as they apply these powerful truths. Tune in as Ken and Jeanne reveal how you can shift your mindset and begin seeing the miraculous manifest through you.

– WATCH HERE – Katie Souza (healing), has received powerful revelation on how the kingdom of darkness operates and how to defeat it. Now Katie and her ministry are witnessing individuals being healed of many types of sickness and disease. Tune in as Katie reveals how you can also become a carrier of God’s presence, pray effectively, and use the Glory Light of Jesus to break the power of the enemy over your life.

– WATCH HERE – God has revealed to Bruce Allen that we are entering into what is prophetically called the Seventh Day, when God’s promises for your life are fulfilled and your prayers answered effortlessly. As Bruce ministers, many receive verified miracles, and groups of people are able to see in the spirit. In one meeting over 800 people literally saw Jesus! Let Bruce teach you to position yourself to walk in the blessings of the Seventh Day.

– WATCH HERE – Brenda Kunneman has a supernatural gift to help you tap into God’s miraculous power. Tune in this week as Brenda gives insight on how to release the anointing within you, pray the kind of prayers that produce miracles, and begin experiencing the supernatural for yourself!

– WATCH HERE – When disasters strike, people will look for those who are carrying God’s secrets. Proven prophet Hank Kunneman wants to teach you the principles on how to hear God’s voice so you can be prepared for whatever the future holds. In this interview Hank also shares what God has shown him regarding the future of America.


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