A promise from God is not a magic coin for us to cash in at will. It is an invitation to a process. When we embrace His promises we say yes to a process that prepares us for fulfillment. Some promises reach their maturity rather quickly, only requiring us to say yes and express a confidence in God’s word. But other’s require that we offer a bigger container of character, refined and developed through perseverance.

Bill Johnson


2 responses

  1. Stefan

    Avem multi muschiulosi in adunari,in Biserica Nu,in Biserica e prezenta Lui!,sunt mos craciun si mese festive,dar o iesle si un Fiu de Dumnezeu mai rar intalnesti sora.

    Decembrie 26, 2010 la 3:01 pm

  2. i like it

    Ianuarie 5, 2011 la 11:08 pm

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