We’re in the Year of the Lion – We’re Coming to Authority (Bob Jones)

The Year of the Ox, The Year of the Eagle, The Year of the Lion and the Year of the Man

I think many of you have heard me share about what started in ’09 with the year of the ox; and ’09 was a very tough plowing year. I’m coming out of Ezekiel 1, which is a prophecy that He gave me. So ’09, the ox plowed all year not knowing why. ’10 is the year of the eagle, so every one of you have got all the seed you ever need to sow. You should sow it every place you go; re-sow it in your family, re-sow it in restaurants, re-sow it in churches, and re-sow it every place you go, for your seed will never run out.

I’ve noticed that some seeds that I sowed 30 or 35 years ago looked like they were never going to sprout, but in the last year these people that I sowed it into have come to salvation. So once you sow the seed of God, it whirls around people in this earth forever – so sow it. It may lay under the clod for many, many years, but things will take place in peoples’ lives before that seed gets alive; so don’t quit sowing, don’t get discouraged, keep going.

The Year of the Eagle will end on September the 10th, for I go with the Lord’s calendar, which the Jews claim is theirs; but it’s really not theirs, it’s the Lord’s. On September the 10th, the New Year begins. It’s the Year of the Lion, so it’s time that the Lion begins to roar. When the lion roars, he roars into the earth; he doesn’t roar into the air, he roars into the earth. He says, „This is my territory,” and the vibrations will go out for miles and miles.

So, we’re coming to the Year of the Lion. We’re coming to authority. Get ready to see authority like you haven’t seen before. So don’t quit, keep that faith going, keep that petition going, because I think the year of the authority is when the Word comes into you from the heart of the Father into your spirit man, your conscience, and you begin to proclaim it, you begin to roar: „This is my land, I’m going to take it back. This is my land, I’m going to heal it.”

So, what is the year after that? It is the Year of the Man, going forth with the nature of the ox, the seed of the eagle and the authority of the lion, carrying it to the entire earth. All the next and last – ’09, ’10, ’11, ’12 – is about bringing in laborers for the harvest. So, we’re in the time that… we’re in the greatest change that’s ever been, also is Israel, so keep praying for Israel continually.

The Keys of the Kingdom, the Keys of Change

And what He was showing me yesterday, we’re in the time of Isaiah 22, and Isaiah 22 is not only the keys of the Kingdom, it is the keys of change. Sheba was the one in charge of Israel and also the treasurer. One of the things he did is he built him a huge tomb of the treasure. He wasn’t going to need it because he was going to die in a foreign land and not even be buried, because he wasn’t devoting his time to the main purpose called for Israel.

Now it’s going to come forth, Elohim. Elohim means „father of the remnant.” Get ready for fathers and mothers/lionesses, to come forth with the keys of the Kingdom. Those keys of the Kingdom are to unlock the Kingdom of God in you. This is the year of the Kingdom that is going to be unlocked in you. This is the year the roar of the lion is going to roar into you and unlock what’s in you so that the Kingdom of God that’s within can come forth and begin to see the authority of the lion.

One of the ways that the lion and lionesses are going to do this is – we have the fathers and mothers that are going to come forth now. There are those that have worshiped the Lord in their spirit man (Romans 1:9). I serve the Lord in my spirit, not in my head. I think it’s time that we quit trying to serve Him in our head and obey Him in our conscience and our spirit man and tell our head to obey that.

It’s the year that it’s going to come forth. So, those that do serve the Lord in their spirit in Romans 1:11 can impart – get ready for impartation like you’ve never seen before. Get ready for corporate impartation, which literally unlocks you to where you come into a new liberty and a new freedom, where you realize „who you really are.”

The Kingdom is in you. Religious spirits and other things have kept you locked up. This is the year you get loose. The real fathers and mothers are coming forth to the front now. Their only love will be to unlock you, to release you to where you can see the Kingdom of God coming forth in power on a level you’ve never seen before, a preparation for one of the greatest harvests that will ever be. So, this is what’s getting ready to take place – is a total change. We’ve never been this way before. But we’re getting ready to see a change and we need it; it’s going to happen. So it’s been in the works for over three years. Get ready to see the change in you.

Get Ready for the Authority of the Lion

For anything that He did down here, if I by the finger of God cast satan out, then the Kingdom of God has come. Get ready for the finger of God in you to begin to cast satan out of the church, out of your families, out of your cities, out of your nations. Get a big vision, because all of this is preparation for the greatest harvest of all time, which will be over a billion souls. So, this change is in Isaiah 22:22, with the whole chapter of Isaiah 22, which is getting ready simply like this – the Father has been speaking to every one of you continually. You’ve had it locked up. You were afraid to speak it because religion has kept you bound. Get ready to get set free. Get ready to begin to speak what’s in you and get ready to see the authority.

So, this September conference (which was last year), I think is when you’re going to hear the roaring of the lions taking back the land that was rightfully yours to begin with. So, every one of you get a vision, that I have got the same thing in me; the same seed that comes from the Father is in me that was in Him when He came here, and I’m going to quit limiting God. I think one of the worst things you can do in this coming season is to try to limit Him. Don’t put a limit on it, for I don’t think any of us knows how far this is going to go. But I do know this: You’re going to get unlocked. You’re going to come forth with a new liberty and a new freedom you never thought you had, and you’re going to speak it into things that create it.

So, this is part of the change, and you’re getting ready to see real leaders of the Church, both men and women, which are all lions. Some of you lionesses out there, if you study, the lionesses are the ones that take more prey than the lion at times. You lionesses get ready to take the prey, get ready to lead people to the Lord. Of course, the lions too. But I think you’re getting ready to hear that roar that vibrates the earth itself. The earth itself has been waiting for that so that it can be restored. So this is one of the things He showed me: Get ready for the authority of the lion.

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