A Recent Encounter: Embrace the Awe of Almighty God! – Bobby Conner

The lion has roared; who will not fear? The Lord God has spoken; who can but prophesy? Amos 3:7-8

A Divine Veil of Light

Recently, I was overwhelmed by a heavenly visitation. Without notice, I received one of the most significant and captivating encounters of my life.

I was enjoying an ordinary day with my family in Texas. I had much to do to prepare for an upcoming ministry trip to Europe, so I excused myself to retreat to my study. As I arranged some papers on my desk, I heard a slight sound behind me. Thinking it was my wife or perhaps one of my grandchildren, I casually turned around to see who was in the room.

Without warning, I found myself in a spiritual realm. There suddenly appeared – just inches in front of my face – a living, incandescent wall of translucent light, suspended within brilliant, blue-green waters. The waters were glowing and luminous – and also alive. A soft swishing sound came from the moving mass of living liquid light, much like the sound of wind through trees.

This glorious wall was a divine veil reflecting the most stunning, alluring rays of brilliant light I had ever seen. They were refreshing beyond words. Astonished, I wanted to absorb everything I could from within that veil. Its purpose seemed to be to enlighten and refresh.

Suddenly, He Roars!

All of my senses were extremely alert as I admired this breathtaking veil and wondered what was about to transpire. I reflected on how peaceful, tranquil and good I felt, when suddenly, without warning, a magnificent LION exploded from the wall of living light. This was an enormous, fearsome creature, a gigantic lion of golden-amber color whose mane radiated a halo of golden light. He was tall enough to look me straight in the eye. In fact, He locked his eyes on mine, gazing into my eyes with such intensity that I knew He was looking into my very soul. As I returned His steadfast gaze, I felt I was peering into eternity.

I wanted to flee from sheer terror, but also wanted to embrace this wonderful being from another realm. This Lion had an extraordinary fierceness, but from within this indescribable strength and power an overwhelming gentleness also radiated. I was amazed at the warmth and love pulsing within Him, and the peace and sense of protection that exuded from His presence.

Our eyes were locked in a gaze for what seemed to be a very long time, when suddenly the Lion opened wide His mouth and began to roar. The roar was unlike any sound I had ever experienced – ear-piercing, overwhelming, indescribable. Mere words simply cannot convey the force and beauty of that blast of breath from another world. This massive roar lasted for quite some time and released a vibration and reverberation that shook the heavens and earth – and felt as though it could be heard and felt throughout the entire universe.

Standing within that divine current of the Lion’s roar, I felt a divine invincibility. Before I had time to ask, I understand the nature of the roar: Within my spirit, I heard the words, „The breath of God.”

As suddenly as the Lion’s roar began, it stopped – so swiftly that its absence created a vacuum that sucked the air and sound from the room. Out of that deep, sublime silence a booming voice from Heaven rang out with a holy declaration that shook my entire being. The voice surged with supernatural power and authority:

„Prepare My people to embrace the awe of Almighty God!”

And then the beautiful liquid light disappeared also, as swiftly as it came. I stood trembling in my office, my heart pounding hard and fast, my spirit ablaze with the fire from Heaven’s altar.

At this point, in a quiet, comforting and convincing tone of voice, the Holy Spirit said, „Yes, prepare the people of God to embrace the Awe of God!

The Spirit then explained that much revelation would be released concerning the Lion of the Tribe of Judah – a revelation that would produce the holy, wholesome fear of the LORD.

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