The Lord says, I have gifted you and called you to do great exploits.  I have created each one of you for a unique purpose and placed My anointing on your life.  I have redeemed and chosen each one of you with My mark of approval. I strategically designed each one of you to be different from the others. I will use that which I placed in your hand.  Don’t try to emulate the calling of someone else but imitate their life by following their blameless lifestyle and holy way of living. Clothe yourselves in robes of righteousness. I have given you the personality and the temperament to be just as you are and to do all that you were called to do.

As you spend time with Me, I will reveal My secrets to you and you will learn how to recognize divine appointments. I will not deny you any good thing as you desire the spiritual gifts which are freely given. As you hunger after righteousness and study to show yourself approved, you will receive the wisdom and revelation that you’ve longed for.

When you recognize who you are In Me, and the blessings that I have bestowed upon your life, you will walk through the storms that come so abruptly with the resilience to bend without breaking. What you thought was sent to destroy you, will catapult you into the next phase of your life as you walk in obedience and resist discouragement. I will overthrow the tactics of the enemies plans. Allow My word to become a reality in your life. As you submit your life to Me and walk in humility, you will walk into the extraordinary things that I have provided for you says the Lord.

A word in season – Elaine Tavolacci


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