Prophecy 2012 (Keith A. Paul)

This is what I hear the Lord Jesus saying for the year 2012.

Above Slide Summary:

God’s Glory is Coming, Holy Fire will Ignite His People with Holy Love for Jesus, Worship will Break Open the Heavens, Throne Room Intercession will shatter Strongholds, The Bride will Arise and do Exploits for God, Freedom and Truth Flowing Together, Prophetic Mantles will Come, The spirit of Poverty Broken off His People, Bridal Intimacy will come out of Increased revelation, New Mantles for Ministry, A Harvest of Souls, Jesus will Manifest His Provisions, Warrior King will Prevail, A year of Alignment, A year of Divine Appointments, New Wells of God’s Spirit will be Opened,.

World Events:
I will remain your constant help. Continue to trust Me as the months unfold in this coming year. You are among many that will walk in My absolute peace. Pray and declare over the nations My purposes as I prompt you. There will be great opportunity to exercise your authority through prayer this coming year. Those who do not know Me and trust me will be troubled as the economies of this world continue to adjust to global financial pressure. The trek towards a global debt based currency and global government will continue. The set pieces are being moved into place by the spirit of Anti Christ to manipulate mankind. The platform for Revelation 13 is being established. I alert you to this so you understand the times and season. In contrast, I will continue to manifest My Presence, power and mercy.

Great Light will shine in the darkness. You will carry My Light and shine with My glory that is arising upon you. I assure you of My complete care. I will be faithful to you and provide all you need. Trust Me to remove your financial debt and establish you. Remember, I Am not confined nor restrained by the economy. I remain faithful as your Provider. Remember, I will come again. Expect My intervention before the end, for I will come when the Father releases Me. This is yet to be in the future but live as if it were tomorrow.

Meteorologists will continue to be taken off guard by the events in the weather that I will allow. Expect the unexpected in weather. The clouds will respond to earnest prayer in drought stricken areas. Recognize the shifts of the earths tectonic plates as a parallel of strategic shifts in the heavenly realms. Earthquakes will be prevalent this year. I Am bringing judgment on principalities. There are spiritual shifts occurring in the heavenly realms as principalities are forced into alignment with My purposes. Intercessors will continue to have great influence and will release Kingdom intervention into the earth realm.

Recognize prayer as a powerful restraining force that brings correction and judicial control over both principalities and the physical earth. Prayer will also over rule the works of anti Christ strategies, so be diligent and follow the Holy Spirit as He leads you to intercede.

Entrenched strongholds of anger will continue to surface among the Arab world and wherever totalitarian regimes operate. Israel will face great pressure. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem and the return of your King. Unrest will also visit other nations with inner turmoil but reconciliation will bring resolve. I am shaking the Arab nations and those that desire will come to Me out of their deception. Many will trust in Me from these regions. I have My eye focused on the middle east and My plans will succeed in spite of the principalities that operate there. The world will cry out for peace and learn that I Am the source of genuine peace.

Do not be distracted by world events. Continue to focus on our relationship. In Me, there is all you need. I will preserve you, fill you and reveal Myself to you. I Am all you need and desire. I counsel you about world affairs so that you are informed. However, you are in the world but not of it. Your destiny, success, livelihood and care is directly connected to Me. I will never fail you.

Kingdom Business:
Fear is not from Me. Rest in My love which removes fear. I will be all you need and desire. I Am releasing much greater measures of My Holy Spirit. I will cover the earth with the knowledge of My glory. You will know Me on a deep, intimate and tangible way for this is how I Am preparing My Bride.

Expect transitions this year, as I move you forward into new spheres of influence. Be ready to step into the opportunities I present you with. Do not be afraid of the new spheres of influence that I open before you. People are searching for the reality of My Presence and I will use you as part of what I Am doing. The reality of My Presence will increase within you. This awareness will shake you, disturb you and propel you forward into deeper spiritual places within Me. Yes, I will continue to infiltrate your inner most being as part of the transformation occurring in your life. I will cover the earth with the knowledge of My glory and this will be imparted through you and all who love Me. I will use you as a supernatural portal to release My Presence into the earth realm. Expect a dramatic increase in dreams, visions and supernatural occurrences as I superimpose My thoughts and My image within you. Expect supernatural power to flow through you as you pray for others. You will have deep encounters with Me, so come eagerly into My Presence.

I will continue to inspire My Sons and Daughters with strategies to reach the harvest among the nations. Further advancements in technology will enhance and give ease of access for ministries and individuals to minister to many in distant places. There will be a much deeper spiritual harvest brought in among the nations. You will read reports this year of many coming into relationship with Me in unusual numbers. India, Nepal, Mongolia, Thailand, Pakistan, Sudan, Afghanistan, Japan and other Pacific rim nations and people groups within these regions. There is great momentum building for spiritual revival and harvest rising in these places. The rising spiritual wave is much like a tsunami that will come into these nations. I will continue to put pressure on Europe, North and South America, China and Korea to leverage their people towards Me. Germany will be impacted with spiritual renewal as people respond to My Presence.

I will continue to establish the full operation of the Five Fold Ministry offices this year. I will place leaders where I need them for I have ordained this. A new spiritual covering is coming over My people. This covering will not be of man but implemented by My Spirit. Watch and be amazed as I send Sons and Daughters into the nations to raise up radical Spirit ignited youth. Eastern European and Russian evangelists will bring in great harvests because of My anointing. Scandinavian countries will be rattled and shaken in the natural and with the outpouring of My Spirit. Yes, I Am walking throughout the earth to visit the nations. This year will witness great and profound works of My Kingdom. Expect this and enter into the work I have given you, for I will bless you abundantly.

I will reopen many former spiritual wells that were closed by men’s failure. These places where I outpoured My glory will resurface. Man’s failure will not keep My Spirit confined. I will shift these wells where necessary and they will flow with Heavenly streams. There is great hunger on the earth and I will move with great glory. Multitudes will witness this and drink deeply at My wells. There will be deeper distinctions made this coming year within the church world between those that truly know Me and those that have chosen religious deception.

I was wounded in the house of My friends and Joseph was betrayed by his own brothers. Olives are crushed to produce oil. Grapes are pressed to produce the sweet juice. The pressure and crushing that you have endured has produced greater amounts of the Holy Spirit’s oil and wine in your life. Embrace Me in your journey, for I have walked this path before you. I will certainly strengthen you in every way. There is deep delight and profound revelation coming to you because of your endurance during hardship. I will help you overcome all that comes against you and you will be enriched because of it. The oil of My Holy Spirit represents anointing and power. You need this power so that I Am revealed. The wine of My Holy Spirit represents the joy of being in My Presence and sustains you. You need both oil and wine. This will increase in your life. You will become a conduit of both. Many are deeply hungry for the reality of My Spirit and I will use you to impart Him to them.

I will open the doors of opportunity for you. You will see break through and provision coming to you. Ask for wisdom and I will give you wisdom. Let My peace or lack of peace guide you. You will know this in your heart when weighing out important decisions. You will receive very precise direction as I position you. I will keep My promises to you. The sacrifices you make for Me will yield great reward. I will lead you forward and you will know Me. This is your desire and I will fulfill that desire. I love you deeply. I enjoy you and delight in your friendship. Come walk with Me today. Tell Me of your dreams. Share with Me the concerns of your heart. I want to hear what you most desire from Me. I will share the secrets of My heart as well. I Am doing much for you that remains hidden, but you will see it and be glad. My heart is filled with love for you. I Am pouring out My Presence on you, so continue to position yourself in My Presence. Your loved ones have not been forgotten. I will minister to them. Do not worry about the future but simply walk with Me each day into the New Year. I will be faithful to you.



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