Time? There is no More time (prophecy) – Keith A Paul

There is no more time for delay. The time for restoring all things is very near. I Am speaking in this hour; for time as you know it is at a critical junction. .My Son, My Daughter and My Bride, I Am leveraging the earth for a great spiritual harvest. Many will come willingly to My Throne of grace in their time of need. I can no longer delay, for it is the Father’s purpose to harvest the fruit of the earth. All that have responded, those that will respond and those that do not respond are under the Father’s Sovereign decrees. The Father’s favor is extended to all who trust in Him and His judgement rests on all who reject His Son.

It is time now to remain firm in faithfulness, to reject all compromise and to abide in relationship with Me. You have been chosen and now your time has come for completion. I Am perfecting My plan within you. Yield to the deeper transformation of My Holy Spirit within you. Time as you have known it will change. I Am accelerating all that I Am doing. You will come under this acceleration as I release into the present those things that normally would develop over a life time. Do not yield to confusion from the enemy as the unfamiliar realms of My Spirit are revealed to you. The new things that will occur within you are from Me. Embrace totally what the Spirit within you calls you to do, prompts you to speak and leads you to impart. Pray with the Spirit whenever He intercedes through you. Learn to be fluid, malleable and completely yielded to Him. Dramatic events will continue to shake the nations. Ponder these for they are evidence of what I Am allowing in the earth. Think God thoughts as the Spirit inspires you and reveals the secrets of the Father’s heart. I will make you deeply sensitive to My Presence as I manifest My Presence to you in tangible ways. Do not be alarmed with the chaotic clatter of events that overtake the world systems and false doctrines. I Am assaulting the demonic and man made structures of deception and My Truth will shine amidst the exposed darkness. Leaders of nations who align with Me will remain. Those who surrender to darkness will be taken deeper into oppression and the torment of the enemy as I depose them.

However, you will remain in My embrace and walk in perfect peace for you are established in the Secret Place. I Am your Deliverer and I Am coming. Love Me daily and you will see the demonstration of My love daily. Decree what You want to see for I will confirm My anointed word spoken through My vessels.


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