Living in My Realm ( prophetic word-Keith Paul)

I Am asking you to come into the fullness of what I have provided for you. To live in continuous relationship with Me is what I Am asking for. Within you I have created a portal through which you can access My realm and My Presence. I have spoken of this door in My Word. I Am giving you access to the Father and His Kingdom. I Am the Way and the Door. Your desire and decision to pass into My realm is a privilege that only you can exercise.

I have visited you often and will continue to do this. However, I Am asking you to shift your experience and this shift will only occur as you accept the reality of My Presence being available to you at all times. The Holy Spirit is willing to confirm your decision to move and live in this truth. All the demons of the dark kingdom are opposing this reality and attempt to mask it with deceptions. But if you will embrace this truth, your life will be enriched beyond measure with the fullness of My Kingdom. I Am not speaking of the trivial gain of financial and earthly possessions for I have already promised these. I Am speaking of you aligning yourself with this truth and bringing yourself before Me. I Am speaking of you being filled with My glory and Presence until you are completely saturated with Me. Transformation awaits you, so I invite you to come. Draw near. The Father is waiting for you. I Am interceding for this very thing and the Holy Spirit is ready to escort you into much deeper supernatural measures. Heavenly realms are waiting to be conferred into your life. So come My Friend. Walk with Me as John did. His priority was loving Me first above all other things.Continuarea AICI


One response

  1. ana nagy

    M-am inscris si eu sa primesc de la ei saptamanal.Ma bucur si astept sa citesc,implinesc.

    ianuarie 7, 2013 la 5:42 am

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