A Place of Intimacy – prophecy

306The past few weeks I have been experiencing a new level of intimacy and an extraordinary level of the presence of the Holy Spirit. Several friends have also told me that they have noticed the same in their times of prayer. The only way to achieve this personal relationship with Him is to learn how to come into this place of intimacy with the Holy Spirit.

The Lord says, as you’ve longed to know My voice; you’ve longed to know My ways, I now invite you into this place of intimacy. Come now My beloved, let me take you to this place. In this place of intimacy, I will reveal My secrets to you. In this place, you will learn to discern My voice and recognize My leading. Come with Me into this secret place. Come with the innocence of a child and with no agenda of your own. Surrender your will to Me as you welcome Me in.

As you come into this place of honor, enter with reverence. Here you will find the hidden treasures that you have been searching for. You will experience the peace that you have longed for. Do not come with preconceived notions. Discard of your old mindsets and man made traditions and come in pursuit of My plans and purposes. In this place you will receive favor. In this place I will make ancient mysteries known to you. In this place you will receive wisdom and revelation. This is the place where My Shekinah Glory dwells. You now have access to enter this sacred place because the veil has been torn and I have made provision for you. So come in to this Secret place, this place of intimacy, The Holy of Holies where My Glory dwells says the Lord. ……… continuarea AICI



2 responses

  1. VDFilip

    Dana, cred ca te-ai cam saturat de citit si triat comenturi. E un stil interesant de a mai lua o gura de aer, de a mai face o pauza: scrii cate un articol, doua in engleza si nu mai comenteaza nimeni, nika. No, acu am facut io un coment ca era sa uit iar parola pe wordpress.

    ianuarie 5, 2013 la 2:10 am

  2. M-ai prins;)))

    ianuarie 5, 2013 la 2:56 am

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