Intimacy’s Influence: He Knows You By Name

Dear one, you need never doubt God’s acceptance of you. He’s faithfulness and His commitment to you knows no limits. He longs to pour His grace and mercy on your wounded heart. And when you are hurting understand that you can always run to Him and throw yourself at His feet and, bearing your soul, be as truly miserable as you feel – He will not judge you. He will not demand that you pull yourself together. No. He will get down on your level and let you cry it out in His arms until your hurt melts away in His presence and He fills you again with His courage and the strength that comes when you feel so absolutely loved and accepted.

He welcomes and anticipates your needs and wants to be the One you ask for help, no matter how minuscule or great your problems may seem. I have a few friends that I know I can ask for help if I need it and they are happy to give it if they can. But some of my friends are so close to me that if I did not ask them to help when I needed it they would be upset with me for not asking.

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Taken from Victoria Boyson’s book His Passionate Pursuit.

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