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Despre originile masonice ale Americii, noua ordine mondiala, transhumanism, semnul fiarei, Anticrist si altele (MUST WATCH!!!)


In timp ce noi ne ocupam timpul cu intrigile zilnice, cu goana dupa bani si faima, cu dorinta de a fi primii din io stiu ce clasamant al frumusetii, averilor si altle, in timp ce omenirea se comporta exact ca pe vremea lui Noe inainte de potop, cand oamenii erau paraleli si se preocupau doar de traiul asta firesc, se intampla lucruri extraordinare si ar fi bine sa ne documentam, sa aflam pe ce planeta traim daca nu vrem sa fim luati prin surprindere.


Guillermo Maldonado – despre puterea invierii lui Isus


It’s supernatural – Gary Whetstone

Releasing God’s anointing – free book

Am gasit o carte super a lui Mel Bond – Releasing God’s anointing. O puteti citi AICI

Emisiunea lui Sid Roth cu Mel Bond  – AICI


AICI veti gasi arhiva emisiunii IT’S SUPERNATURAL, realizata de Sid Roth, emisiune in care oameni care au avut experiente extraordinare cu Dumnezeu isi prezinta povestea si in acelasi timp veti putea urmari, vindecari, semne si minuni extraordinare, miracole care te fac sa ramai socat. Daca vreti sa vedeti ceva fascinant, alegeti din probabil sutele de emisiuni pe care le puteti gasi in arhiva pe mai multi ani, si sigur o sa va minunati de felul in care Dumnezeu lucreaza si mai ales o sa vedeti cam cum ar trebui sa arate viata noastra de crestin.

Despre vorbirea in limbi – Corey Russell

O emisiune a lui Sid Roth  AICI, despre importanta vorbirii in limbi, invitat Corey Russell, unul dintre liderii IHOP. Merita vazut

It’s supernatural – Peter Gammons

O emisiune super a lui Sid Roth AICI – invitat Peter Gammons

Supernatural power of God

O emisiune super a lui Sid Roth, invitat Guillermo Maldonado  AICI

It’s supernatural!

WATCH HEREDavid Herzog, Michael Hinson, Katie Souza – The blind see, the deaf hear, the crippled walk! Instant weight loss, bald heads growing hair! Find out how you can obtain everything you need to receive YOUR emotional, physical, or spiritual healing! Learn how YOU can pray for others to receive their breakthrough!

WATCH HERE – Internationally recognized prophetic voice, Rick Joyner, has received the most serious, alarming, specific and graphic prophetic dream about the future of America in 2011 and he wants to share how you can be prepared & survive these coming judgment warnings!

WATCH HERECharles Vance was once struggling to make ends meet. Then he learned Kingdom principles that radically transformed his life. Today he and his wife enjoy great prosperity. Tune in as Charles shares how YOU can prosper in hard times.

WATCH HEREJohn Paul Jackson considers his revelation on „justice” the most important end time revelation God has ever given him. Isn’t it time you have God’s justice in your family, finances, health and intimacy with God? God wants you to recover things that have been stolen from you, your family and even your ancestors.

WATCH HERE Dave Hess was given a death sentence from his doctor – an aggressive form of leukemia. The medical prognosis was that he had one month to live! It doesn’t matter what situation you may be facing; Learn the Supernatural Keys to obtain your miracle.

WATCH HERE – A tragic car accident left Retha McPherson‘s son, Aldo, in a coma. During that time, Aldo visited heaven and returned with a message from God.

WATCH HERECharles Vance was supernaturally healed of cancer. When he prayed for his congregation, over 70 people were healed of cancer. He wants to help you walk in divine health and learn to access the supernatural promises of God!

WATCH HERESid Roth with Janie DuVall. It was NORMAL for the early believers in Messiah to walk in the Supernatural Power of God with signs and wonders commonplace – thousands healed and saved. But somehow NORMAL has been hijacked! Find out the KEY that early believers understood and get ready to become NORMAL.

WATCH HEREPeggy Joyce Ruth heard the audible voice of God in a dream giving her the key to walking in divine protection 24/7. Tune in as Peggy shares how you can walk in supernatural protection too.

WATCH HERENathan Morris was a young man with serious addictions and an immoral lifestyle until he watched a supernatural video. The Glory of God filled the room and he was instantly set free. Today he’s appearing to millions through the media as the main speaker at the Bay of the Holy Spirit Revival in Alabama where miracles are happening!

WATCH HERE – Lightning has struck twice in the life of the former pastor of the Brownsville Revival in Pensacola, Florida where over 4 million people came from all over the world! Now John Kilpatrick is hosting a new revival in Mobile, Alabama where the miraculous is exploding!

WATCH HERE – As Jewish Psalmist Paul Wilbur shared before thousands of Muslims how he came to believe in Jesus, hundreds received Messiah. Then one Muslim rushed forward in excitement, breaking through security, and put Paul in a headlock. Find out what happened next!


WATCH HERE(TREBUIE SA VEDETI ASTA NEAPARAT)Mel Bond has seen creative miracles including eyeballs materializing in front of many witnesses. In 1984, Mel had a vision of Jesus explaining how to release His anointing to see instant miracles. Find out how you too can receive this same healing anointing and learn how to „pray with your whole heart” – effective prayers that God WILL answer!

– WATCH HERE – Tony Kemp has an amazing miracle ministry, seeing people healed from all types of sickness and disease, including cancer, diabetes, missing body parts, and supernatural weight loss. Tune in as Tony discusses how the supernatural act of worship can release these same types of miracles in your life!

– WATCH HERE – Healing is Easy! After being supernaturally rescued from a life of drug addiction, Todd White began passionately pursuing God. Tune in as Todd gives fresh insight on healing and shares how you can experience this supernatural gift too!

– WATCH HERE – Hank & Brenda Kunneman have received divine revelation on prayer! This week they share the keys on how to press in and penetrate the throne room of God to obtain answers to your prayers.

– WATCH HERE – Grace Williams is a worship artist who captures the fresh sounds of heaven in extravagant worship. People have been healed, delivered, and set free as they listen to her music. Tune in this week as Grace shares about her latest CD, „Take Me Away.” This CD is an impartation of Psalm 91, and many who listen experience supernatural peace and divine protection.

– WATCH HERE – At the age of 9, Billy Burke had terminal brain cancer and was given only 3 days to live. Convinced that if she could get Billy to a Kathryn Kuhlman healing meeting he would be healed, Billy’s grandmother had him released from the hospital against doctors’ recommendations. Billy went to the meeting and was miraculously healed, with medical verification. Now Billy ministers in the same miracle anointing that healed him. This week Billy shares the keys to healing and manifesting your miracle.

– WATCH HERE – Steven Brooks received a visitation from Jesus and was taught the secrets of the anointing. Now when Steven teaches on the anointing and ministers, miracles break out. Whether you need a miracle or want to move into greater realms of the supernatural, Steven will reveal how it is possible when you understand the anointing.