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Guillermo Maldonado – despre puterea invierii lui Isus


Furious love – Darren Wilson

FURIOUS LOVE – un film documentar facut de Darren Wilson, despre cum dragostea e cea mai buna arma in razboiul spiritual impotriva imparatiei intunerecului, si pentru a scoate oamenii din mana diavolului. Veti vedea crestini care se roaga pentru demonizati, satanisti, prostituate, vrajitori si multe alte lucruri interesante. Un alt episod din seria documentarelor facute despre realitatea supranaturala de catre Darren Wilson este Finger of God. Daca il gasiti pe internet merita sa va uitati. Recent a aparut si episodul 3, Father of Lights.

Supernatural power of God

O emisiune super a lui Sid Roth, invitat Guillermo Maldonado  AICI

We are standing on the promises


-WATCH HERE- In the Bible, the First Church experienced an unprecedented move of God’s glory. What has happened since then? Why are millions of Christians dissatisfied today and leaving the Church? Through three supernatural visitations, Jesus taught John Fenn how to recapture the Glory of God the First Church experienced. Now people all over the world are experiencing the power of God like never before!

-WATCH HERE- Kevin Dedmon has seen many people supernaturally healed of all types of emotional and physical disease including cancer, blindness, deafness, deformities, and many more. This week Kevin reveals the divine secrets he has discovered regarding healing and teaches you how to begin living a supernatural lifestyle!

-WATCH HERE – Did you know that your spirit man can touch, taste, smell, see, and hear? In 1986, John Fenn had a supernatural encounter that changed his life forever. Jesus appeared to him, and taught him how to hear God’s voice and have his five spiritual senses activated.

-WATCH HERE- For over 2,000 years Satan has blinded the eyes of the Church through one of the most diabolical conspiracies of all time. Now the conspiracy is revealed and shattered as special guests Bob and Janie DuVall join Sid Roth to reveal the mysteries of the One New Man.

-WATCH HERE- Hear how Chad Dedmon’s experience with the Father’s love propelled him to the next level of signs and wonders and how you too can walk in the supernatural favor of God!

-WATCH HERE- Jonathan Welton is a Seer and uses this gifting to bring supernatural healing to others. Learn how you can be activated to see into the unseen world!

-WATCH HERE- Michael Galiga reveals basic life-transforming principles to equip you to survive life’s challenges and conquer your greatest fears!

-WATCH HERE- Robin Harfouche was a rising star in Hollywood and the New Age until she was left crippled by a freak accident. Hear about her amazing healing and her heavenly visitation.

-WATCH HERE- Hundreds of thousands have been transformed by Darren Wilson’s film „Finger of God,” documenting the supernatural. Now Darren has released his brand new film „Furious Love.” This is the story of one man’s journey into some of the darkest spiritual climates on earth to test the limits of God’s love. Hear about his discovery of God’s response to the demon possessed in Africa, the witches of Salem, and the oppressed victims of sex trafficking in Thailand. You will not be the same.

-WATCH HERE- Proven prophet Dennis Cramer has prophesied over thousands of people. Many of these individuals have been physically healed and their lives radically changed. Now Dennis wants to share how you too can hear God’s voice and prophesy.

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